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Resolution Study
Our initial findings on the actual resolution of GeoCam compared to actual Satellite imagery can be found through this webpage or at our blog.

Superresolution Study
      The super-resolution study was the initial thrust of the GEOCAM effort. With multiple pictures of the same data (or area), we were expecting to produce a higher resolution than the initial shots of the cameras. While most images were overlapping, not enough data was taken on any particular point in order to increase the resolution beyond that provided by the camera.

Searching for Billy the Glider
      Another payload on the HASP platform included a glider that was released during flight. A search for Billy the Glider was a side-goal for the GEOCAM image recovery team. Upon looking through pictures at the time that Billy the Glider took off, the team was unable to find any images with Billy the Glider in them. The first four hours of flight were marred with clouds that made it very difficult to even recognize landscapes.

Unexpected Object Detection
      Images of jet planes were found in some images taken by GEOCAM. Image 1 shows the clouds pattern left by the jet train on the left side of the picture. Upon searching through the data, at least two jet planes were spotted by GEOCAM. See Image 2 below.

Image 1: Search for the contrail of a Jet (Picture No. 478 of 1628)

Image 2: Search for Plane (Picture No. 953 of 1628)