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  • GeoCam - An off-the-shelf Imager for Rapid Response Remote Sensing Monitoring

    On December 13-14th, three engineering students with the Space Engineering Institute and the Spacecraft Technology Center will attend a workshop on Unmanned Airborne Vehicle Imagery for Domestic Emergency Response & Natural Resource Survey organized by the NASA/UL Lafayette Regional Application Center, the U.S.Geological Survey of the Department of the Interior and the National Wetland Research Center. The students are presenting their results on the automatic production of remote sensing maps using photographs obtained from an experiment they flew on a stratospheric balloon on September 4th over New Mexico. High quality and overlapping images were obtained from a low cost camera and automatically stitched together to produce a giant 2 GB panoramic image of a stretch of land spanning 200 miles . Some of the smaller panoramic images/maps can be viewed on the GeoCam website at: http://sei.tamu.edu/geocam/. AggieEngineering News Press Release

  • Presentation at the UAV workshop can be found here.